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The world can be a dangerous place.  And today’s businesses and high-profile individuals need to be concerned with protecting more than just their bottom line.

Threats from workplace violence, disturbed individuals, terrorism, and street crime can impact even the most cautious.  Yet law enforcement often only steps in after an incident has occurred.

Ultimately, personal security and prevention are personal responsibilities... but few know where to turn.

INPAX GPS is your solution.  A leader in Protective Intelligence, Travel Security, and Close Protection, we have the tools, know-how, and professional lifeguards to discretely keep you and your family safe, domestically or abroad, along with the experience working with high profile individuals to know how to do our job, without interfering with yours. 

About GPS

Protective Intelligence


Even security conscious companies often miss or misinterpret the dangers they face. INPAX | GPS provides the tools and expertise to quantify and reliably assess and reduce threats from any source.

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Travel Security


The inherent risks associated with domestic and international travel - from street crime to kidnapping to terrorism - can be prevented or mitigated with the right intelligence, training, behaviors, and resources. 

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Close Protection


Discreet, professional security is an essential component of the protective continuum - particularly in delicate, high-stakes situations.

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“We have been utilizing INPAX to assist us with protecting our employees, both here, domestically, and internationally as they travel.

I would recommend INPAX to any other firm that wants a low-key approach, that wants to have a personal approach to further develop their safety and security program to a high level to protect the employees and to lower the risk to as low a level as possible.” 

Brian Shuttleworth,  Kraft-Heinz Company, Director of Operational Risk Management

“Thank you very much for agreeing to speak at our March 8 Human Resources Law Update at TD Convention Center in Greenville, S.C.  While my gratitude to you is sincere, I also want you to know that you have "created a bit of a problem..." 

We invite Update guests to provide feedback through a written evaluation. The results of your evaluations are in, and YOU EARNED THE MOST FAVORABLE EVALUATIONS OF ANY GUEST SPEAKER IN THE EVENT'S NEARLY 25 YEAR HISTORY! 

- Donald P. Woodward

President and CEO

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