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Protective Intelligence


Even security conscious companies often miss or misinterpret the dangers they face - whether arising from inside or outside the organization.

INPAX | GPS provides the tools and expertise to quantify and reliably assess threats from any source, and can help you facilitate, install, and manage preventative security measures where needed.

• Risk and Vulnerability Assessment • Crisis Response Planning & Implementation • Threat Assessment & Management • Pre-employment Screening • Surveillance & Investigative Support • 

Travel Security


The inherent risks associated with domestic and international travel - from street crime to kidnapping to terrorism - can be prevented or mitigated with the right intelligence, training, behaviors, and resources.  This is particularly important when close protection is deemed unnecessary, or problematic.

INPAX | GPS utilizes a systematic approach to travel safety through a combination of specialized personal security training, reliable regional risk assessments, boots-on-the-ground advance work, security & driver facilitation, and satellite geo-fencing and communications that allow for swift international search and rescue.

• Regional Risk Assessments • Personal Security Training • Advance Work • Security Facilitation • Satellite Geo-Fencing, Monitoring, & SOS •

Close Protection


Discreet, professional security is an essential component of the protective continuum - particularly in delicate, high-stakes situations.

Yet the needs of executive, dignitary, and celebrity protection often differ greatly, necessitating a flexible approach by seasoned professionals who know the difference.

INPAX | GPS provides highly trained, quiet professionals in your service, who know how to achieve protection while minimizing impact, who can fit in as easily on a playground as a boardroom, and who can blend in, or stand out, as the situation demands.

• Armed and Unarmed Close Protection Operators • Facility Security • Event Security • Security Drivers • Termination & Reduction-In-Force Support  •